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Guide lines to be observed:

  • You can eat and chew regular foods after your numbness completely goes away since white (composite) fillings are almost completely set once your appointment is done.
  • However, avoid hard foods until a day after your filling placement since they will reach their full strength in 24 hours.

What to expect:

  • It is normal to experience some tenderness around the gums where the filling was placed for one or two days. Hot, cold, and pressure sensitivity may also be experienced after a filling placement for 3-4 days or longer (1-4 weeks) if the cavity or old filling was deep.

    Please contact your Santa Rosa dentist, Dr. Alavi, if the tooth sensitivity does not go away after a few days or if the sensitivity increases.

  • If you have pressure sensitivity or your bite on the filling does not feel right you may have a high spot on the filling. You will need to contact the office to come in for a short 5 minute bite adjustment.

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