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Tooth sensitivity can have many causes. The main cause is exposed root surfaces due to gum recession and bone loss. These root surfaces do not have the enamel coverage that covers and protects the upper portion of your teeth. Root surfaces are more sensitive to temperature and touch.

Acidic foods and toothpastes with whitening agents can make your teeth even more sensitive. Prescription toothpastes and over the counter toothpastes designed for sensitive teeth can help reduce tooth sensitivity. Dr. Alavi, your dentist in Santa Rosa, can also reduce tooth sensitivity by applying a sealer on the exposed root surfaces of your teeth. This will greatly reduce the discomfort you feel from cold, sweets, or contact.

Many times however tooth sensitivity is not just due to gum recession and exposed roots. The underlying cause may be trauma to the tooth from the way your teeth come together when you close. With teeth relation analysis, bite pathology leading to tooth sensitivity can be revealed.

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