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Electric Toothbrushes:

In general, electric toothbrushes will require a light force to be placed on the teeth allowing the movement of the brush head to do the work. Adequate time should be spent holding the brush on all surfaces of the teeth. Initially, there will be some adjusting of the gums to the tickling sensation felt by the stimulation of the brush head. After brushing daily for a week or two, the gums will adapt and become less sensitive to the stimulation of the electric brush. To reach the outside surface of the very back teeth, make sure you close down more to increase the room for the brush head.


Begin by rinsing your mouth to remove any food particles. Fine, soft bristles are recommended since they are gentle to the gums and actually do a great job of cleaning your teeth. All surfaces of the teeth should be brushed. You can start on the outside surfaces. For manual tooth brushes place the brush head at a 45-degree angle to where the teeth and gums meet and use small, gentle, circular stokes brushing the teeth and massaging the gums. Apply gentle pressure placing the bristles between your teeth while brushing.

Continue brushing the inside of the back teeth using the same technique once you have cleaned the outside surfaces. The inside surfaces of upper and lower teeth can be cleaned by holding the brush vertically and gently brushing cleansing the teeth and massaging the gums.

Finally clean the chewing surfaces of your teeth with small back and forth strokes. You’re all done brushing now. You can go back to any area that you feel needs more cleaning.

Do not rinse your mouth out with water after brushing. That will remove all the fluoride meant to prevent cavities and gum disease. Just spit all the paste out without rinsing. This will leave a very thin layer of toothpaste on your teeth and gums, enough to help protect them. If you must rinse, use a prescription fluoridated mouth wash. Lastly, do not eat or drink for half an hour after brushing or rinsing with a fluoridated mouth wash allowing the fluoride to be absorbed.

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