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FOSA (Functional Orthopedic Stabilizing Appliance) also known as a TMJ Bite Stabilizer is a mandibular repositioning appliance. It is a therapeutic device used to treat patients with TMD symptoms, severely worn dentition, mobile teeth, bone loss and gum recession due to occlusal trauma and much more. FOSA can give immediate TMJ pain relief. The therapy uses a customized removable hard acrylic appliance that eliminates all occlusal prematurities and interferences to eccentric movements. In other words the appliance will give you an ideal even bite with your jaw joints balanced properly in their sockets.

FOSA Therapy was originally developed by Dr. Thomas Basta and Dr. Jerry Preiner and is taught to dentists at the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education (F.A.C.E.) in Burlingame, California. The FOSA technique was further refined by Dr. David S. Han, Dr. Yiannis Vlahos and the late Dr. Sacha Dybnis at F.A.C.E.

With a track record of over forty years, FOSA therapy has consistently given positive results for improved dental health. Patients love and appreciate the benefits of FOSA and refer their friends and family to doctors who are trained to prescribe and deliver the mandibular repositioning appliance.

FOSA therapy can benefit patients in following manners:

  • FOSA therapy can treat patients with extremely sensitive teeth, severely worn dentition, mobile teeth, bone loss, and recession due to occlusal trauma.
  • FOSA therapy can effectively bring symptomatic relief to TMD symptoms like reduced ability to open or close the mouth, jaw pain of varying degrees, jaw joint noises like clicking, popping and grating sound, and jaw locking
  • FOSA therapy can successfully treat severe headaches, biting or chewing discomfort, intermittent ringing in the ears, dull and aching pain in the face caused by a bad bite or misalignment of teeth (malocclusion).
  • FOSA therapy can also be utilized as a diagnostic tool for restorative dentistry. It is used for stabilization of the jaw joints before embarking on complex restorative treatments.
  • FOSA also effectively protects esthetic porcelain and resin restorations from the ravages of nocturnal bruxing and clenching.

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