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Cavity is a disease caused by bad bacteria in the mouth. Oral conditions can help or hinder bacterial spread and their ability to cause tooth decay. Recent studies have proven effective treatments for the reduction of cavity causing bacteria and for the remineralization of teeth to prevent caries.

The mouth can now be readily tested for the type and amount of bacterial content so that a proper anti-bacterial oral treatment can be prescribed. Furthermore, the demineralization effect of these acid producing bacteria on tooth structure which leads to cavities can be counteracted with proper use of effective oral products. Home care with prescription toothpastes and mouth rinses, in-office treatments with fluoride varnish and anti-microbial products, and minor dietary changes along with regular dental check-ups can make cavity prevention a reality.

If you have dry mouth you are at a much greater risk of developing caries because you are not getting the natural ability of your saliva to neutralize acids and re-mineralize your teeth. Cavity prevention treatment must be tailored to each individual patient’s circumstances.

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