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Patients' Testimonial

"Nobody likes to lie on their back and have someone they don't trust put sharp objects in their mouth. So it's wonderful to go to a dentist like Dr. Alavi who is extremely gentle, soft spoken, patient and never in a hurry. Dr. Alavi makes you feel at ease and he really takes the time to thoroughly explain procedures and issues. He doesn't have a big ego, but is extremely knowledgeable. He is completely honest, and will tell you when something doesn't need to be done right away. His office is clean and comfortable, and staff are warm, friendly and professional. It's rare to find a dentist that takes their time with their patients the way Dr. Alavi does and I trust him completely. - BenS."


"I recommend this dentist, Dr. Alavi, highly; I do! I have had three major operations done by Dr. Alavi and they have all turn out just beautifully! It was very professional and proficient. They're quite accommodating too; I called last minute with an emergency and was able to come in the same day. - J.K."


"I have been a patient here for 10 years. Recently Dr. Alavi build a new upper partial for me and did a beautiful job! - C. S."


"I would highly recommend Dr. Alavi for your dentistry needs. Dr. Alavi is very patient, caring and works deligently to bring about a very satisfactory outcome. When I first came to his office with TMJ (jaw pain). He was deligently on finding a solution. He fet me for a mouth place that I wear at night. I started experiencing some relief right away. I am now pain free. Thank you so much. - N.C."


"I am very pleased with all the dental work I have had done by Dr. Alavi. He is very professional and as always had my best interests in mind. - J. B.","Alway friendly, professional care. Caring. Helpful staff. -- J. D.","I have been pleased with the profession of Dr. Alavi dental care and office staff. -- "


"Dr. Alavi is very thorough in his care. He has up to date equipment. Up to date knowledge. Humble quiet affect, but personable.I recommend his services. - S. D."

Dr. Robert Alavi Dentistry

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