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Bite firmly on the gauze that was placed on the extraction site for about 30 minutes or until you get home. Change the gauze every 30 minutes for about the first 2 hours if needed. After that the bleeding should stop, and there is no need to bite on a gauze. However, if bleeding begins again place a damp gauze pad or black tea bag over the area and bite firmly for another 30 minutes while keeping your head elevated. It is normal for some blood to ooze from the extraction site and mix with saliva giving the appearance of excessive bleeding. The color should be a light orangish hue, and there is no cause for concern. You may also find a blood stain on your pillow in the morning so cover it with a towel to protect it.

  • Normal body reaction sometimes after surgery; placing ice packs in the first 12 hours is helpful
  • Maximum swelling 48 hours after surgery
  • Lasts for 4-6 days
  • Normal response in some persons after surgery
  • Lasts 7-14 days
Guidelines to be followed
  • Do not: Spit vigorously, use a straw, or smoke for 12 hours.
  • Diet: Santa Rosa dentist Robert Alavi recommends having a soft diet until some healing takes place, avoid hot liquids, avoid nuts and foods that can get stuck in the socket.
  • Oral hygiene: Do not rinse or brush in the first 8 hours. After 8 hours resume brushing your teeth but avoid the extraction site and rinse gently with warm salt water ( ½ teaspoon of salt in 8 oz of water) after meals and before bed time.
  • Call the office or go to the Emergency Room if: you have excessive pain, swelling, or bleeding, increased discomfort after the second day, increased swelling after the third day, or you feel you have a fever.

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