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Headache relief such as migraine relief without the use of medications is a possible. Although there are many causes of headaches, most headaches are not life threatening. Only 2% of all headaches may be due to an underlying disease state which may be life threatening such as infections, aneurysms, neuralgias, and tumors. Headaches from such serious disease states are readily diagnosed by physicians after clinical examinations, lab tests, and imagings.

Even though most headaches are not due to any serious illness, the pain can incapacitate the individual. Most headaches that people suffer form are either vascular headaches (6-8%) such as migraine and cluster headaches or tension-type/muscle contraction headaches (90-92%).

Healthcare providers are good at diagnosing migraines usually treat them with prescription medications. However, compliance is an issue since migraine medications can have unpleasant side effects. Furthermore, migraine medications do not treat the underlying triggers that cause headaches, some of which maybe TMD related.

Tension-type headaches are underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed by many healthcare providers. Tension-type headaches are related to temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD)which causes prolonged muscle contractions and inflammation of the muscles of the head and face leading to pressure and pain in the forehead, temples, occipitals, and even neck and shoulders. As the constant tight muscle fibers reduce blood flow, the body compensates by sending more blood to the area increasing the blood pressure to muscles of the head resulting in headaches.

Headache Treatment

Fortunately, Dr. Alavi can provide headache treatment in Santa Rosa and provide migraine relief and tension-type headache relief by using a properly made mandibular repositioning appliance made to address one of the greatest underlying causes that trigger headaches. This appliance will be worn only at night when the greatest stress is placed on the muscles of the head and face reducing inflammation that triggers tension-type headaches and migraine events.

Dr. Alavi can alleviate most headache problems resulting from temporomandibular joint/neuromuscular disorder..

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