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Your orofacial pain dentist in Santa Rosa, Dr. Robert Alavi, takes into account many factors that can contribute to facial pain among these bad oral habits, stress, poor diet, and poor posture can play a key role. Stress can increase the intensity and frequency of clenching and grinding at night while we sleep and during the day while we are awake without being aware of it. Stress can also cause muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, and back that cause trigger points with referred pain in oral and facial regions. Bad oral habits such as excessive gum chewing, ice chewing, and pencil biting can increase orofacial symptoms. Poor posture can dramatically increase tension placed on the TMJ, neck, and shoulders.

Many people with facial pain and TMD have a great deal of anxiety and can find themselves in a state of depression since pain in the head , neck, and face region is particularly taxing on an individual and there is little understanding and treatment consensus amongst most healthcare providers regarding orofacial pain.

Treating Facial Pain

Treating facial pain requires a comprehensive approach. A thorough medical, dental and social history must be taken in addition to a complete clinical oral, head, and neck examination to help with the diagnosis. In addition, joint imaging maybe prescribed if needed to help determine underlying causes of the pain. Appropriate treatment can then be prescribed such as therapeutic oral appliances, muscle therapy, trigger point treatment, physical therapy, behavioral modification, and medications.

Dr. Alavi believes that the most conservative and least invasive treatment to reach a desired outcome is always the best approach.

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