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Sleep apnea and snoring have negative consequences for your overall health.

What is an Oral Appliance that treats sleep apnea?

It is a custom oral appliance that fits gently over your teeth and is designed to open up your upper air way comfortably.

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)?

It is s life-long medical condition where breathing stops hundreds of times per night. Most people that suffer from this condition are unaware of it. OSA occurs during sleep as a result of soft tissues at the back of your throat sagging and constricting the airway.

Some of the signs and symptons associated with sleep apnea and snoring are:

All these conditions can be related to or worsend by obstructive sleep apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea and snoring discrupt your natural sleep cycle so you don't get all the rejuveneting bone fits of a well nested sleep. With sleep apnea you actually stop breathing for several seconds multiple times during your sleep reducing the oxygen in your blood which causes stress to your body.

If you answer yes to three of the following questions you have a suspected high risk of having Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA):

Dr. Alavi offers an Oral Appliance (OA) for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring Oral Appliance are a viable alternative to the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. If you are CPAP intolerant an oral appliance that opens up your airway comfortably is agreat alternative. Studies have shown greater compliance with the use of oral appliances v.s. a CPAP machine.

Dr. Alavi's treatment of OSA is as EZ AS 1-2-3.

A better night sleep awaits you ...zzz in the confort of your home.


Your orofacial pain dentist in Santa Rosa, Dr. Robert Alavi, takes into account many factors that can contribute to facial pain among these bad oral habits, stress, poor diet, and poor posture can play a key role. Stress can increase the intensity and frequency of clenching and grinding at night while we sleep and during the day while we are awake without being aware of it. Stress can also cause muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, and back that cause trigger points with referred pain in oral and facial regions. Bad oral habits such as excessive gum chewing, ice chewing, and pencil biting can increase orofacial symptoms. Poor posture can dramatically increase tension placed on the TMJ, neck, and shoulders.

Many people with facial pain and TMD have a great deal of anxiety and can find themselves in a state of depression since pain in the head , neck, and face region is particularly taxing on an individual and there is little understanding and treatment consensus amongst most healthcare providers regarding orofacial pain.

Treating Facial Pain

Treating facial pain requires a comprehensive approach. A thorough medical, dental and social history must be taken in addition to a complete clinical oral, head, and neck examination to help with the diagnosis. In addition, joint imaging maybe prescribed if needed to help determine underlying causes of the pain. Appropriate treatment can then be prescribed such as therapeutic oral appliances, muscle therapy, trigger point treatment, physical therapy, behavioral modification, and medications.

Dr. Alavi believes that the most conservative and least invasive treatment to reach a desired outcome is always the best approach.


FOSA (Functional Orthopedic Stabilizing Appliance) also known as a TMJ Bite Stabilizer is a mandibular repositioning appliance. It is a therapeutic device used to treat patients with TMD symptoms, severely worn dentition, mobile teeth, bone loss and gum recession due to occlusal trauma and much more. FOSA can give immediate TMJ pain relief. The therapy uses a customized removable hard acrylic appliance that eliminates all occlusal prematurities and interferences to eccentric movements. In other words the appliance will give you an ideal even bite with your jaw joints balanced properly in their sockets.

FOSA Therapy was originally developed by Dr. Thomas Basta and Dr. Jerry Preiner and is taught to dentists at the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education (F.A.C.E.) in Burlingame, California. The FOSA technique was further refined by Dr. David S. Han, Dr. Yiannis Vlahos and the late Dr. Sacha Dybnis at F.A.C.E.

With a track record of over forty years, FOSA therapy has consistently given positive results for improved dental health. Patients love and appreciate the benefits of FOSA and refer their friends and family to doctors who are trained to prescribe and deliver the mandibular repositioning appliance.

FOSA therapy can benefit patients in following manners:


Are you suffering from TMD/TMJ Disorder ?

If you answer yes to any of these following, you maybe suffering from TMD:

Are your teeth chipping and are the front teeth worn flat on their edges?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD or TMJ Disorder) is commonly caused by disharmony in the joint-bite relationship. The majority of TMD sufferers are unaware of the root cause of their problems.

The chewing system attempts to correct a bad joint-bite relationship by distracting the lower jaw joints from their sockets so that our teeth can mesh together when we close. This places stress on the TMJ discs,ligaments, and muscles that facilitate jaw movement and may lead to TMJ pain and muscle spasms in the face, head, and neck. The disharmonious joint-bite relationship will also trigger muscles that cause grinding (Bruxism) which erodes teeth and jaw joints.

TMD / TMJ Disorder is a common condition with a wide variety of symptoms:

Treatment for TMD/TMJ Pain

TMD is like having a torn cartilage in your knee. Without proper medical treatment, you will suffer from pain in the knee, ankle, foot, and muscles.

Dr. Alavi can diagnose and effectively treat the underlying causes of the TMJ disorder by utilizing a diagnostic/therapeutic splint. This splint transforms a bad bite into a good bite and aligns the jaw joints in their respected sockets thereby reducing the stress to your teeth, muscles and joints. It is a safe, noninvasive and reversible treatment. You will feel immediate relief in most cases on the first night of using the splint.


Headache relief such as migraine relief without the use of medications is a possible. Although there are many causes of headaches, most headaches are not life threatening. Only 2% of all headaches may be due to an underlying disease state which may be life threatening such as infections, aneurysms, neuralgias, and tumors. Headaches from such serious disease states are readily diagnosed by physicians after clinical examinations, lab tests, and imagings.

Even though most headaches are not due to any serious illness, the pain can incapacitate the individual. Most headaches that people suffer form are either vascular headaches (6-8%) such as migraine and cluster headaches or tension-type/muscle contraction headaches (90-92%).

Healthcare providers are good at diagnosing migraines usually treat them with prescription medications. However, compliance is an issue since migraine medications can have unpleasant side effects. Furthermore, migraine medications do not treat the underlying triggers that cause headaches, some of which maybe TMD related.

Tension-type headaches are underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed by many healthcare providers. Tension-type headaches are related to temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD)which causes prolonged muscle contractions and inflammation of the muscles of the head and face leading to pressure and pain in the forehead, temples, occipitals, and even neck and shoulders. As the constant tight muscle fibers reduce blood flow, the body compensates by sending more blood to the area increasing the blood pressure to muscles of the head resulting in headaches.

Headache Treatment

Fortunately, Dr. Alavi can provide headache treatment in Santa Rosa and provide migraine relief and tension-type headache relief by using a properly made mandibular repositioning appliance made to address one of the greatest underlying causes that trigger headaches. This appliance will be worn only at night when the greatest stress is placed on the muscles of the head and face reducing inflammation that triggers tension-type headaches and migraine events.

Dr. Alavi can alleviate most headache problems resulting from temporomandibular joint/neuromuscular disorder..


Neuropathic pain is a pathophysiologic pain that is chronic in nature even after all injured tissues have healed.

If pain in an area persists long enough, peripheral and central nervous system changes can occur that perpetuate and even amplify the sensation and experience of pain after the offending cause of the original pain is no longer present. When such a pain state exists, prescription medications and alternative modes of therapy such as acupuncture, stress reduction, and meditation can help break or reduce the pain cycle.

Chronic/neuropathic pain in TMJ and face can be a result of long-standing:


Who Needs Full Mouth Reconstructive Dentistry?

You may need a full mouth reconstruction if you have any of the following:

Full Mouth Reconstruction:

Dr. Alavi employs a comprehensive and aesthetic approach to reconstructing and restoring your mouth to total health. He understands how teeth, gums, jaw joints (temporomandibular joints), bite (teeth alignment and occlusion), neuromuscular mechanisms and facial muscles interact and affect each other, and that any imbalance can jeopardize the health and comfort of your mouth.

Initial evaluation and diagnosis is critical for full mouth reconstructive dentistry:

Full month reconstruction can only be done after orthopedic splint therapy when the jaw joints are healthy and stable. The jaw joints exact movement patterns can then be transferred and programmed into a fully adjustable articulator that duplicates the exact movements of your jaw in all 3 dimensions. This will allow for crowns to be made so that your bite aligns exactly with your proper joint position and for your teeth to function properly during jaw movements such as chewing and sliding side to side.

All the teeth for a full month reconstruction are prepared in only 2 visits. And all the crowns cemented in just one visit with very little or no adjustment needed to the bite. This type of precision dentistry can only be accomplished when you have a stable, healthy jaw joint, and with the use of high-tech prescision instruments that can record and duplicate your exact jaw movement patterns.